A.D. 1661




God made man, a tract proving the nativity of our Saviour to be on the 25th of December


John Selden


"One of the most learned men of the seventeenth century"

"A resolved and serious Christian"




Selden (A.D. 1584-1654) was one of the most illustrious individuals of his day; he was reputed to the most learned man of an age known for men of great learning. It testifies to his greatnes that no less than Arch Bishop James Usher performed Selden's funeral service. Many of Selden's books are still in print after over 400 years. Among his many works is "THEATHROPOS", God Made Man, a tract proving the nativity of Christ to be on the 25th of December," published posthumously in 1661. This work is by far the most learned defense of the received date of Christ's birth ever penned.

2013 Edition

  1661 Edition


For an abridged version, which appeared in the Orthodox Churchman, November 1802, pp. 354-360,  click here

For a biography of Selden (pp. 317-332), General Biographical Dictionary, Vol. XXVII (1816) pp. 317-332, click here.

For a brief out line of Selden's life taken from the posthumus publication "Table Talk," click here.



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